Woodford Hill Walk

A One Hour Walk To The East of Woodford.

Start the walk at the junction of Parsons Street, High Street and South Street.

  1. Go along the footpath opposite High Street and across a field to the Eydon Road.
  2. Cross over and follow the track through a gate and up a slope to some farm buildings.
  3. Take a sharp turn to the left. The path goes through a gate and across a field and then through another gate.
  4. Here is an ancient track with evidence of previous coppicing. Straight ahead, through another gate, on and over a stile. The path leads slightly to the right but is well marked.
  5. Follow the hedge on your left, through another gate and cross near to a modern brick farm house on your left. Keep straight on.
  6. Enter the road through a gate turn right and follow the road up to Woodfordhill.
  7. Turn sharp left, follow the road for about 100 yards and then take the small lane on your left, leading towards Preston Capes.
  8. Pass a house called Woodford Lodge on your right and then come to a footpath on the left, marked with a finger post.
  9. Take this path which meanders down past Cow Pasture Wood, eventually reaching the Preston Capes road.
  10. Turn left and follow the road back to the village. The whole walk should take you about an hour

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