West Farndon and The Jurassic Way Walk

A Ramble taking in the views over the Cherwell valley towards Banbury.

Start the walk at the bridleway which is on the right just past the turning on the Farndon Road where the hamlet of West Farndon is situated.

There is enough room for a car to be parked. About one hour.

  1. This bridleway leads upwards across the fields in the general direction of Byfield. As you climb there are lovely views over the Cherwell Valley.
  2. After several fields the track joins a metalled roadway which is the access to Farndonhill Farm which you can see on the left. Continue straight ahead on the metalled way heading towards the telephone mast you can see at Golden Hill Farm.
  3. The roadway makes a sharp turn to the right. Here, if you wish, you can continue through a gate to Golden Hill Farm and the main A361 road and catch a bus back to Woodford. However, this walk continues by turning left at the bend towards some wooden posts carrying electricity cables.
  4. Walk downhill past the posts, keeping the hedge to your right. You enter a wood (can be muddy here). Then another field and a fishing lake can be seen. Go past the lake, keeping it on your right and over a track between this lake and a second lake. The pathway continues down to the Farndon Road where you can turn left and head back to your car. Otherwise continue across the road down a footpath through a wood, then through a gate and across another field (keeping hedge on your left).
  5. There is a clump of trees at the bottom of the hill. Here is a post with footpath markings. One is for the Jurassic Way. Follow the Jurassic Way left and across the middle of a field and then down towards the Cherwell.
  6. There are more fishing lakes and the path goes round an enclosure where there is the other lake. Keep the barbed wire fence on your left and follow it right around, making a 90 degree turn to the left. Where the fence ends turn 90 degrees to the right and go along this field keeping the hedge on yourleft. The path continues past a small brook(tributary of the Cherwell) and across two fields and back to the Farndon Road.
  7. Walk right back to West Farndon and your starting point.

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