Pete Davies

Lives on Adams Road

Resident Since 1986

Profession: Software Developer

Council Portfolio:

  • Responsible for the councils IT infrastructure
  • Website
  • Social Media

Council Participation

Pete joined the council in 2020 taking over from the previous councillor who looked after the IT side of things.

Since then he has developed a new website for us and will be using a combination of the website and social media to get the news of what the council is doing, and has done, out to the public.

He is also the liaison between the Woodford Halse Sports Club and the Parish Council.

Career History

Pete has had many different jobs in his life including car refinishing, restaurant work, warehouse work, and labouring amongst other things. He spend 2 years working inside a huge fridge at one point.

He spent 14 years at Alpha-Cure in the village, starting there in 2010 on the shop floor and then joining the IT team in 2017 developing the company’s bespoke ERP system along with any software that was required.

He moved to Mediasterling in 2023 developing software for Microsoft applications.

Other Information and Interests

Pete is a big Arsenal and Pink Floyd fan, even travelling as far as Canada just to go to a gig.

He is also a member of English Heritage and enjoys going to visit castles and other historical buildings with his partner Sharon.

He is a huge lover of dogs. Pete enjoys a bit of gaming but spends most of his time either down the allotment or on the computer doing development of some kind, web or desktop.

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