Local Plan Consultation Update

The West Northants Council (WNC) is consulting for a new Local Plan for its area that, for us, will supersede the Daventry Local Plan that currently exists.

The new plan will cover the area, which includes the former Daventry; South Northants & Northampton Borough authorities, until 2041 and has a target publication date of June 2025.

Consultation at present concerns the Settlement Hierarchy for the village of Woodford Halse (incorporating Hinton).

West Farndon has a separate classification (small/hamlet that does not affect this process).

Woodford Halse is currently classified as a Primary Service Village.

Currently there are 4 village service classifications (taken from the current Daventry Local Plan)

Primary – have the highest level of services and facilities within the rural area to meet the
day to day needs of residents, including those from surrounding settlements. Theses villages
are the most appropriate for accommodating local housing and employment need.

Secondary – have a more limited range of services, but still provide scope to meet some local
needs for housing, employment and service provision.

Other – have an even more limited range of services and are more reliant on the services of
larger centres for day-to-day needs.

Small/Hamlet – have no services or facilities.

WNC has sent the Parish a Questionnaire to be completed by 02 April 2024 – the questions and the proposed responses can be found below.

The proposed responses focus on re-classifying Woodford Halse to a Secondary Service Village (from a Primary one). The main reason for this is to deter any further envelopment, particularly outside the Village confines (boundary).

The PC responses take cognizance of our Neighbourhood Plan that covers the period 2018 – 2029.

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