Geri Rowe

Lives on Eydon Road

Resident Since 2014

Profession: Director of Paddocks Farm Rehabilitation

Council Portfolio:

  • Vice Chair of the Council
  • Planning lead
  • Lead on the Community Larder 
  • Response to the Cost-of-Living Crisis

Council Participation

Geri joined the Parish Council in Nov 2019 and elected Vice Chair in May 2022. She scrutinises planning applications so that the Parish Council can make a considered response.

From 2019 she has led the Sensory Garden Project and assisted with the Den Project in the Great Central Woodland.

She is the Council Lead and link person to the Community Larder and is leading the Community Fridge and Store Project.

She has played an active role in all council activities and discussions including representing the Council at the Daventry District Planning meeting in support of a new Medical Centre. As Vice Chair, She is now supporting the Chair and Parish Clerk to ensure value for money and legal obligations are met.

Career History

Starting as a maths teacher working in challenging local schools and then becoming an Advanced Skills teacher; training other teachers and then to be a Secondary Deputy Headteacher.

Geri was a founder member of Corby Business Academy creating a successful school with a new ethos to replace a failing one.

In 2014 seeking semi-retirement she and her husband Paul, created Paddocks Farm Rehabilitation. This started as a livery stable yard and has diversified also to include Canine Hydrotherapy, Laser therapy for People, Horses and Dogs and Horse holidays, Pet Dog Training with socialisation and the business is now also an Exam centre for Canine Hydrotherapy and Animal Care Courses.

She still does private maths tutoring and marks A-level exam papers because it is a good brain exercise.

Other Information and Interests

Geri is an animal enthusiast, but also passionate about learning for herself and other people and is now an Advanced Registered Canine Hydrotherapist and K Laser specialist.

She enjoys sewing and during lockdown, made scrubs for local carers and together, Paul and Geri delivered 250 boxes of eggs to people in need, from a flock of rescue chickens.

They are now hosts to a family of five from Ukraine and offering support to other local hosts.

Always interested in recycling rather than new; she has just become fashionable through re-using items and she is a Committee Member for the Canine Hydrotherapy Association responsible for water bacteria testing, insurance and memberships.

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