Charwelton and Back on The Jurassic Way Walk

A Short Walk To The North of Woodford.

This shorter (about 40 minute) walk starts on the Byfield Road at the top of Membris Way.

  1. Opposite the bus stop a footpath leads between the houses towards a
    small hill. Cross a style and the path turns half left across the field to a
    hedge. Follow the hedge to the end of the field.
  2. Here paths cross and the way is not very clearly marked but the signs
    are there if you look in the hedges! Our path enters the next field and
    veers to the right at about 30 degrees towards the field hedge.
  3. Look for a gap in the hedge where the path enters a small wooded
    thicket. On the other side you come to a gate and the path continues into
    the next field with the hedge on your left.
  4. At the end of this stretch of hedge, bear diagonally left across the fields
    to a gate and enter the next field by a small pond.
  5. Again the path continues diagonally to the left.
  6. Climb over a style to join the main Jurassic Way track. Charwelton Lodge can be seen to the left across the field and up the hill but your
    route is to turn sharp right, back along the Jurassic Way.
  7. Follow the Jurassic Way (known locally as “The Red Road” because of
    the brick yards that used to be here).
  8. Return to the Byfield Road beside the industrial estate.

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