Bob Snedker

Lives in Coblet Close

Resident Since 2005

Profession: Engineer

Council Portfolio:

  • Litter Warden
  • Vice Chair of the Woodland Committee

Council Participation

Bob has served on the Parish Council for 8 years. He was heavily involved with the negotiations and the purchase of the woodland at a time when it was quite possible that it could have gone for development.

He has been the lead councillor for litter and pathways in the woodland and served as deputy chair of the Woodland committee since the village bought it.

For the last 4 years, Bob has been a member of the WoW production team, Printing 2000 copies of the village newsletter each month.

Bob also was the lead in the production of the neighbourhood plan which enabled the village to increase the amount of CIL (community infrastructure levy) that the village received.

The neighbourhood plan also enables the Parish Council to have more control over undesirable development.

Career History

Before he retired 16 years ago Bob was Managing director of a company designing and producing printing machinery.

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