Additional Housing Developments in Woodford Halse

Bloor Housing Development Diagram

Villagers will have seen in the WOW that Bloor Homes have a proposal to develop some 300 new homes on land outside the Village boundary off Byfield Road.

There is also a long-standing proposal to develop 50+ houses off Farndon Road. West Northants Council (WNC) is developing a new Local Plan and if these developers are successful in classifying the proposed developments as exception sites outside the village boundary, then planning approval will surely follow.

The Parish Council, on behalf of the Village, is against such developments for many reasons in the interests of the Village and will hold a public meeting in the Dryden Hall at 7pm this Thursday, 30 May – come along to learn what you can do to influence the Planning Authority.

The deadline for submissions to WNC is 2nd June.

2 thoughts on “Additional Housing Developments in Woodford Halse”

  1. Martin Fennell

    Although i havent lived in the village for 10yrs i am Woodford born and bred, the thought of more houses being built especially in that parcel of land is awful, the loss of that small piece of wooded area that has been there all my life is unaceptable, plus there will a lot more traffic along a small country road that is unable to cope with the amount of traffic it has to handle now, added to that all the construction traffic you can be sure the road between Woodford and Byfield will look like the Somme in a short space of time, will the school be able to take the possible influx of pupils or will the doctors be able to cope with the extra patients, i dont think so, this planned building site must not be allowed to go ahead.

  2. Can we put to rest the myth of affordable housing?. All properties have to be built to a standard acceptable to building regulations. This implies that sale prices are set at market value putting them out of reach of the majority of first time buyers and the most needy. Most of the properties being hastily thrown up in this area are aimed at a more prosperous sector of the housing market. Really, affordable housing should be re-labelled subsidised housing. Sadly this point seems to have been overlooked by most developers whose only motive is financial gain.

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