Accessibility Statement

Woodford cum Membris Parish Council Website

Accessibility Statement

Commitment to Accessibility

At Woodford cum Membris Parish Council, we are dedicated to ensuring that our website is accessible to everyone.

We understand the importance of creating an online environment that is inclusive and easy for all our visitors to use.

To assist with this, we’ve integrated the One Click Accessibility plugin to enhance our site’s accessibility features.

Measures Taken with One Click Accessibility

  • Font Size Resizer: Users can adjust the font size on the website to suit their viewing preferences.
  • High Contrast Mode: Our website offers a high-contrast version to benefit visually impaired users.
  • Dark Mode: A mode to aid users who find dark backgrounds with light text easier on the eyes.
  • Keyboard Navigation: For those who rely on keyboard-only navigation, our site is enhanced to accommodate this need.
  • Underlined Links: To improve readability and distinguishability, users can underline hyperlinks.
  • Readable Font: We offer a font adjustment feature tailored for users with dyslexia or other reading difficulties.
  • Accessibility Statement: This page is a testament to our commitment to digital accessibility.
  • Continuous Improvement

    While the One Click Accessibility plugin helps us in making our website more accessible, we recognize that technology and user needs evolve.

    We are committed to continually improving our website’s accessibility by monitoring advancements in the field and gathering feedback from our users.

    Assessment Approach

    Our accessibility approach is both proactive and reactive.

    We employ the One Click Accessibility plugin for immediate enhancements and also welcome user feedback for long-term improvements.

    Feedback, Limitations, and Contact

    At Woodford Halse Parish Council, we value your feedback as it plays a vital role in our commitment to continuous improvement.

    While we strive for utmost accessibility, we understand that no solution is ever perfect.

    If you encounter any barriers, have suggestions on how we can enhance accessibility, or require content in a different format, we’re here to help.

    We aim to respond to feedback within 3 business days

    Last Updated: 01/11/2023

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